Dawoud Tabboush

Freelance Developer

Sydney, Australia

About Me

Hi, I'm Dawoud. I'm 24 years old and currently completing my final semester towards my Bachelors degree in Information and Communication Technologies (B-ICT) at Western Sydney University (WSU) in Sydney, Australia.

Technology has always been a part of my life. Ever since I picked up a Commodore 64 from a local yard sale, to running my first bash script on a *nix machine, writing an SHA256 Bruteforce Cracker in C++, building a mobile web application for the WSU School of Nursing and Midwifery and also working in retail for a tech company to help customers understand the power and freedom which technology enables.

I have a strong background in Computer Science with a specialisation in Data Analysis, which includes fluency in Java, C/C++ and R and Python. I enjoy building a wide range of things both high and low level. Spending hours on a project, solving problems, building algorithms, playing with libraries and finding ways to be more efficient, innovative and creative is my idea of a good weekend.

From the moment I first started using Python, I immediately fell in love with it's simplicity, power and flexibility. Since then, my Python journey has grown to include web development, data analysis, graphing/plotting and machine learning as well as some experience in GUI development. Python has now become my development tool of choice, due to its robustness and extensive libraries to tackle any problem.


University of Western Sydney

Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies
Specialisation - Data Analysis
2012 - 2016

TAFE Kingswood

Certificate IV in Business/Frontline Management
2011 - 2012

Computer Science


        - Data Analysis
        - Machine Learning
        - Web Development
      PHP - Web Development
        - Systems Programming
        - Distributed Systems Programming
        - Operating System Programming
      Java, Bash, HTML, CSS, JQuery, SQL


      Linux - Debian
        Main OS of choice. Fluent with bash, python, git, nano and C/C++ for development.
      OSX - El Capitan
        OS used at current place of employment.

    Familiar Technologies

      - WTForms
      - Responsive Web Design
      - SMTP Mailing Systems
      - Database Development
      - Encryption
      - Networking
      - Model View Controller
      - Object-Relational Mapping
      - Machine Learning
      - Git

Work Experience

2012 - Current

Apple Retail | Family Room Specialist/Sales (Mobile Device Technician)

2011 - 2012

National Weighing and Instruments | Data Entry and Analysis

Calibration and analysis of NATA certified measuring equipment.